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"Pay by app" did not work! What now?

"Pay by app" did not work! What now?

 ryd pay checklist: 

- Have you chosen the right gas station and the right pump?

- Is your internet connection stable?

- Have you correctly entered your desired means of payment? 

 - In the case of credit card payments, please check whether the authentication has been carried out (e.g. by PIN or fingerprint in the app of your credit institution). Check the notifications on your phone to see if you have received a message from your credit institution.

- Is your credit card still valid?

- Are you still under your limit for cashless transactions?

- Have you been to a ryd pay petrol station?


- Are you using the latest version of the ryd app?

If you are not sure which version you are using, go to the round car icon in the ryd app and click on the question mark "?". Now scroll all the way down. In the left corner you will see which version you are using. Check this version against the app stores, which will tell you the latest version:


 For Premium Users: Is your ryd box plugged in correctly?

If you are a premium user and your history shows current journeys, the ryd box is plugged in correctly. 

- For Basic Users: Have you turned on your location services?

 - We recommend that you always make sure that the payment has been successfully completed before you leave the petrol station. When a transaction is completed, a tick will appear in the ryd app saying "Payment successful".


If you can rule out all these sources of error or if you still have questions about the checklist, please send us an email to customer service (hilfe@ryd.one). If you have any problems, you can still go to the shop and pay by card or cash as usual.

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