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The payment process cannot be completed after bank authentication?

On certain brands of mobile phones, the automatic power saving features of the operating system may disable our app in memory while you are making your payment authorisation on a website or via your banking app. This will cause the current payment process to be cancelled and you may receive an error message or find yourself back on our card view. As this is subject to timing, some devices may not be able to make a successful payment at all.

But there is a way to prevent your mobile phone from doing this. All you have to do is exclude our app from the automatic power-saving measure. This works slightly differently for each manufacturer.

We have tried to describe the most common ones here. If your manufacturer is not listed, this function can easily be researched on the internet.



Step 1.
Open the "Settings", tap on the category "Battery" in the settings and then "App start".
On the screen you will now see a list of all the apps that are installed on your Huawei device. With a few exceptions, almost all apps are probably set to "Manage automatically", as shown in the following picture.

This means that every time you lock the screen, your Huawei smartphone can force close any app at its own discretion and according to its algorithms.


Step two.
Find the ryd app and disable automatic management (toggle left).

Step 3.

A selection will immediately appear asking you what kind of activities you want to allow the app to perform. Select: "Run in background" to allow the ryd app to continue running in the background until the transaction can be completed.

Samsung Galaxy

Step 1.
Open the "Settings", tap on the "Apps" category in the settings and then "Battery" and "Optimise battery usage".

Step 2.
Select "All apps" at the top. Find the ryd app and deactivate the battery optimisation (switch to the left).

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